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5 best customer experience solutions for a Shopify store (2021)

In the current competitive world, high-quality products are not enough to grow a Shopify store properly; other than that, the best customer experience solutions should be required. The best service is about providing the most relevant and encouraging experience to gain the best position in this competitive world.

This article will discuss the importance of the best customer experience solutions and provide you with the best customer experience tools to apply the same on your Shopify store.

Before discussing the best customer experience solutions let’s discuss, Why customer experience solutions so important?

Why customer experience solutions are so important?

You should keep the customers in the first position in your business journey. So, all companies that offer spectacular customer experiences will always stay at the topmost ranking among competitors. Keep reading, I will give you the exact reasons for that.


customer experience solutions


The researchers found that almost all online sellers are willing to pay a portion of their investment to provide a better customer experience.

Most all brands providing the best customer experience could bring in five times more revenue than competitors with low-quality customer experience support.

Most customers are saying that brand loyalty entirely depends on the excellent customer experience.

By providing the best customer experience solutions, you can earn and increase customer satisfaction and hope in your brand, trustworthiness, and your brand trust that will help you to measures customers retention. In addition, you can build up a unique selling proportion (USP); these features will make your brand different from other competitors.

Let’s move on to the 5 best customer experience solutions for a Shopify store

In some moments, brands may suffer because they know that they should bring the best customer experience but don’t know how to bring them to their store. Nowadays, lots of merchants facing the same issue.

When that comes to delivering Shopify customer experience, particularly the quality service and supports, the how is relevant.

You merchants can have a strategy for improving customer experience solutions that is not perfect. So, you are constantly forced to measure your performance. Here are some best of customer experience solutions.

1. Set up a mobile-friendly website

The majority of Shopify sales are performed through mobile phone users. The major issues of most of the brand’s websites are not mobile-friendly.

Because of the above reason, the mobile phone users didn’t perform the purchase from those stores. When you consider how vital mobile phone customers are, this is surprising.


customer experience solutions


According to research, most smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile phone device in the last year.

The exact fact is that your Shopify store will not get the revenue you expected without considering mobile phone users. So, you must ensure your store is mobile-friendly, which is one of the best customer experience solutions.

There is the fact that almost 90% of buyers abandoned their carts just because of the irrelevant search results with wrong products. So to decrease the cart abandonment rate, you should set a user-friendly site search that is highly recommended.


customer experience solutions


Always try to keep the search box at the main centre of the page. Another best tip for user-friendly site search is, set up filters, sorting to narrow down the search results quickly.

3. You Should be focused on delivering a personalized experience

On the Shopify platform, everything should be done that attain personal satisfaction. Suppose individuals can’t relate to your service positively according to their requirements, which will badly affect your service.

Your brand can use different offerings such as discounts, coupon codes, personalized review collection and giving supports, and other means to create personalized experiences. This will be an effective way that will make them feel that they are valuable to you.


customer experience solutions


With recent technologies like artificial intelligence, you can display your product’s functionalities based on actual customer-driven performance data and top business priorities. This helps every customer to identify what they need from your product.

Other than that, Shopify stores can also use pop-ups, discounts, cart abandoned messages, etc., to ensure that you provide the best customer experience.

4. Add most trusted reviews to build great product page

It depends upon the content on the product page that your consumers take the final decision to buy a product or not. So, put your maximum effort into making the product page more attractive with detailed product information, easy to grasp, and visually perfect.

You can also make your product loyal by adding the most trusted review widget containing verified reviews with star ratings. An app in the Shopify app store named Reviewbit will help you do the same.


customer experience solutions


The widget can be set by including the user-generated content photo/ video reviews, which will make your product more loyal and thus your customer get the best experience.

5. Set flexible delivery options for your store

The deficiency of flexibility in delivery options brings down so many Shopify brands today to the lowest ranks. The customers are concentrated not only on just buying the product but also on looking out for the best delivery options with offers and other discounts.

Allowing clients to choose what is more convenient is a very effective business initiative as consumer demand grows. Customers will quickly see this as a willingness to bend the rules for them.


customer experience solutions


When they are given the option to chose, they feel in charge. This is one of the most effective strategies to improve the customer experience drastically.

Which are the best customer experience solutions tools on Shopify?

Maybe you are a busy merchant managing a bustling Shopify store, and searching for the best Shopify customer experience solution apps that can be used to bring your Shopify store is time-consuming. So, I took some of the best apps for you.

These apps assure help for you to deliver the best support for your customers, which can help you fetch regular customers and create brand trustworthiness.

By analyzing the app store ratings, best reviews, and its top features, I have listed the best Shopify customer experience solution apps. I hope that this list will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store’s best customer experience solutions.

  • Reviewbit- WhatsApp chatbot
  • Richpanel Customer Support CRM
  • Heyday ‑ Sales & Support Chat
  • DelightChat – Customer Service App for Shopify

Wrapping up

Every Shopify brand needs to start working on improving its customer experience solutions. Because customers are changing their purchase behaviour, again and again, providing an excellent experience may be your only chance to keep up.

You can bet on them and make your Shopify store stand out now that you’ve seen some of the strategies for delivering a terrific customer experience.

Have a nice day!

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