WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

How to deal with negative customer feedback on your Shopify store?

Negative reviews giving you nightmares? Tackle them the right way! Read on for tips! 

In spite of all the hard work you put in to make your products or services faultless, the chances of things going wrong once in a while cannot be ruled out. And in the digital world where people spend more time online than otherwise, they are sure to lash out their frustration on you through whatever means possible. Handling such customers and their reviews is a skill that you need to master to survive in this highly competitive digital world.   

Negative customer feedback

Customers tend to trust peer reviews more than brands. It is true that positive reviews can add credibility to your business. But brands that showcase only positive reviews are often looked at suspiciously.  

Negative customer feedback can have a tremendous impact on your business. Even though getting a couple of negative reviews needn’t be the death knell for your business, failing to respond appropriately will surely be disastrous.  

Negative reviews can be taken as an opportunity to showcase your business ethics. With the right kind of response, you can appease the angry customers and at the same time show them how much you value their feedback. A timely appropriate response can even turn a dissatisfied customer into your brand ambassador. 

Handling negative reviews can be quite tricky and calls for good people skills. The way you respond, the timing of the response and the tone of the message can turn things around in your favor.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind while dealing with unhappy customers.  

  • Provide quick response- The last thing that a disgruntled customer needs is a delayed response.  A timely response shows them that you care about their concerns. Do not keep them waiting till you sought out the issues at your end. Even if you need time to look into the matter, give them an interim response saying you are trying to figure out what went wrong.   
  • Acknowledge and apologize- There is no point in being defensive and trying to give excuses. Instead, acknowledge the fact that an error has occurred. You can politely convey to the customer that it is a rare occurrence and that you really regret it. Apologize for the incident and assure them that it will not be repeated. A polite acknowledgment and apology for the inconvenience caused would be your first step towards the healing process.  
  • Be empathetic- Try to look at the situation from the customer’s point of view. They would’ve spent their time and money on your product/service and had a bad experience.  Get to the root cause of their dissatisfaction by requesting them to provide more details about their concerns.  
  • Provide a resolution- You can connect the reviewers directly with your customer care personnel and try to address their concerns. Provide the most relevant solution possible. Depending on the situation, the solution can be in the form of a refund, replacement, or a discount on their next purchase.  

Always ensure that you adopt a positive tone when you respond to negative reviews. When you respond through social media or other public platforms, it’s not just your upset customer who will be reading your review. It will be read by your potential customers as well, and the right response would turn them in your favor. Even if the reviews are rude and baseless, always provide polite responses. 

Now, what if I tell you we have an app that can do all this and much more? 

Yes, you heard it right. With Reviewbit you can automate the entire review collection process and handle negative reviews efficiently. 

This unique Shopify review app lets you collect product ratings, text, photo, and video reviews through WhatsApp and display them on your product page. Reviewbit chatbot sends personalized review requests to your customers to gather feedback on products and services. Depending upon the responses, further messages, follow-ups, and reminders are sent. The reviews thus collected can be displayed on your product page in attractive widgets. 

Negative customer feedback

Reviewbit is particularly suitable for handling negative reviews. Unlike the email review requests, here you can get in touch with the reviewers immediately and provide a quick resolution for their concerns. Perfectly worded personalized messages help you connect with the customers and win them over. You can add or edit the existing message templates on the Reviewbit chat flow to suit the voice of your brand. To know more about this amazing app and download it for free, visit https://apps.shopify.com/whatsapp-reviews 

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