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Tips to effectively set up a Shopify product page with reviews(complete guide)

Adding customer reviews to your Shopify product page is one of the most effective methods to add interactivity to your store while simultaneously increasing conversions and sales, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

Customers may see “real-life” examples of what other buyers think of a product and learn more about it and whether it’s right for them by reading reviews and having a look at the the star ratings with photos/videos.

It would be fantastic if your Shopify product page includes star ratings, reviews in words, photo/video reviews, and verified user badges.

Because they can assist you in establishing trust in your products and increasing sales in your store, make sure you have the “reviewbit” app installed in your Shopify store if you want this functionality on your product page.

This guide includes:

  • Importance of reviews on Shopify product page
  • Show star rating on Shopify product page
  • Add photo/video reviews on the Shopify product page
  • Show up verified reviews with verification badge on Shopify product page
  • Boost up your store’s conversion rate.


Importance of reviews on Shopify product page

The real purpose of any ecommerce store is to make money, and you can’t do that without a great product page. Unlike landing pages, which are developed for a single campaign, effective product pages immediately express the value of the highlighted product with genuine reviews with star rating.


They show buyers how the goods looks, describe how it feels, and persuade them that it is something they must have. Users can also estimate the product’s quality by analysing the star rating, and reviews in words.

Remember that adding reviews to your store necessitates more than just tweaking a few parameters. The stores that are most successful with product reviews have well-thought-out strategies for encouraging customers to post evaluations.


Show up star rating on Shopify product page

According to research, 91 percent of consumers read online reviews regularly, and 84 percent trust online evaluations as much as a personal recommendations. The star rating system is an excellent outcome that demonstrates the importance of online reviews.

As a result, Shopify store owners should develop a method that encourages customers to post evaluations.

Shopify product page

If you are running a Shopify store, you will know how critical your product reviews can be. The majority of the customers first check the product ratings they required and go for the same on social media platforms and Google before purchasing.

When consumers can write reviews on pretty much anything, they buy to inform another potential consumer . As a result, questions on the Shopify product impact of reviews and ratings have become more relevant over the years.

The primary goal of gathering client feedback should be to improve the customer experience. Winning new customers and keeping existing ones is becoming increasingly difficult.

The greatest approach to stand out from your competition is to provide a fantastic experience that keeps your clients coming back and suggesting you to others.

Customers would remain loyal and overlook other offers if you can provide a better experience than your competition. Furthermore, all of this is accomplished in a relatively short period with star ratings.

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Add photo/video reviews on the Shopify product page

Adding photo/video reviews make your product page more trustworthy. You should add high rated reviews and low rated reviews, which make your product more loyal. People will not accept belief in the extraordinary photos and great reviews. So, try to display what your customers generated as it is.

By showcasing the photo/video review, the customers can feel the genuine product as it is. So, they can easily analyse the product how it looks really and get more confidence to buy the same.

Shopify product page

People respect the opinions of others more than the opinions of a brand!

When a friend recommends your goods, people are more inclined to buy them than when your company brags about how fantastic you are! User-generated content on your product page gives customers a fair picture of how your product will seem in usage.

Most online customers prefer real, unprocessed images shot by a previous client to polished, professional photos. The social proof that these customer reviews provide is priceless. So, always try to gain the exact user-generated content and publish as it is.


Show up verified reviews with verification badge on Shopify product page

Did you think that if your product page contains a review widget with the verified badge for each review, which makes the product selling better?

Yes, it will make your product’s credibility great. Reviewbit is providing the same feature. You can set the widget with a star rating, reviews, photo/video reviews and these are verified and added with a verified badge. This verified badge make your product more loyal. The audience can fully trust your product.

Shopify product page



Boost up your store’s conversion rate

Genuine reviews, especially with user generated content assures the growth of your store and can be easily boost up the sales.

Customer reviews are extremely great for eCommerce websites that plays a major role to convert more. They are a wonderful way to build your store’s credibility, loyalty and high conversions, driving most of the sales efficiently than your competitors.

Somebody else promoting the merits of your product is far more authentic than you promoting the benefits of your product. However, people always value authenticity and actively seek it out, with 93 per cent of respondents admitting that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

Shopify product page


Final thoughts

Find a method that works for you in terms of generating and engaging with brand-related feedback. Whether you’re dealing with a positive or negative review, you may use it to raise brand recognition and increase sales.

Reviewbit can bring all the benefits mentioned above to your product page with an effective widget. Go to the app store, get the app “reviewbit”, and experience the best.

Have good luck!

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