Capture Customer Reviews on Shopify

What’s The Best Way To Capture Customer Reviews on Shopify?

Customer reviews are an important tool that can help or hurt your Shopify store. While a few dissatisfied people may be the only ones who complain, poor reviews will majorly impact your business structure.

Even if you use comprehensive marketing plans and cutting-edge sales approaches, your online business’ performance will remain unchanged. The issue will arise due to your Shopify store’s poor management of product reviews.

In this post, you’ll learn what the best way to capture customer reviews on Shopify is.

Do you feel that customer review collection is challenging?

Collecting reviews can be challenging, but it’s a risk you’ll have to take. It has both advantages and disadvantages. I strongly advise you to include this because it increases potential clients’ trust in you as long as your service and products are of high quality. Nothing will go wrong.

You should find out what your clients enjoy and dislike: When you ask your customers for feedback on your product or service, you’ll find out what they appreciate and what they don’t like about it. This data is incredibly beneficial. You may change things to serve your customers better if you know what works and what doesn’t for them. People, for example, frequently tell us how much they enjoy the intimate ambiance at our events. However, after one event, we discovered that attendees thought the networking lobby was too small and uncomfortable. We rectified this by finding a site for the next event with a considerably larger networking area, which our attendees appreciated.

You should make customers feel important and a part of the process. By asking for feedback from your customers, you’re demonstrating that you appreciate their input and are interested in what they have to say. Your customers will feel valued because you treat them as such, and they will feel involved in the development of your product.

You can improve regularly. You can constantly improve your products or services and make them the best they can be. If you continuously listen and seek customer feedback, you’ll always know what’s working and what isn’t. In the end, this will result in stronger business, higher sales, and a better customer experience (repeating the cycle!).

What is the best way to show customer reviews on a website

Capture Customer Reviews on ShopifyCapture Customer Reviews on ShopifyCapture Customer Reviews on ShopifyCapture Customer Reviews on ShopifyCapture Customer Reviews on ShopifyCapture Customer Reviews on Shopify

When considering whether or not to display customer reviews on your website, I believe there are a few things to consider:

They should have a trustworthy appearance:

  • Reviews should not appear as if they came from a widget with a shoddy design that anyone could have written; instead, they should appear polished and professional.
  • The name of the individual who left the review should be included in the review.

Any other aspects of reviews that you can add to instill even more trust are also beneficial. Photos, such as a before/after photo attached to a review, are an excellent example of this.

They should be beneficial to your SEO:

  • The presence of user-generated content (UGC) helps your website rank higher because it demonstrates that people are interested in your brand. This also serves as a form of microblogging, which is beneficial. To count as UGC (user-generated content), reviews on your website should appear as plain-text and be arranged in such a way that Google can quickly assess them.
  • People should leave you reviews that include your goal organic search keywords, but these won’t help your on-page SEO unless they’re displayed correctly on your website using an effective method.

Your reviews should be kept on a dedicated page:

  • Give customers a location to see all of your reviews in one place.
  • Keeping them updated is, of course, a challenge.

It should be published automatically

  • You want every new review you receive from any source to be automatically shared on your website. Customers want updated reviews to trust your store; therefore, if you have to update it manually, it will eat up a lot of your time or be left undone, out of date, and practically useless.
  • There’s a lot to think about. The ideal way to do this is to employ a tool that allows you to collect reviews and publish them automatically and display them effectively on your website.

This is why we created reviewbit. In addition to collecting reviews, we offer a widget that automatically displays them on your website, and the app is incredibly easy to use.

How can product reviews be made more visible?

To begin with, product reviews are assumed to be found on product pages. Almost everything on the internet is created with this in mind (schema, quality scores, etc.). If you move your reviews away from your products, getting your store to rank high will be more challenging.

To reach out, use visual content

Text alone isn’t nearly as engaging as visuals or videos. Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text in the human brain. Textual information takes longer to reach our brain than visual content like images, colors, and shapes.

How well-thought-out and compelling your visual work is, the consumer’s reaction to your way of requesting feedback is dependent on how well-thought-out and engaging your visual work is. After viewing your visual work, the brain has already made up its mind about responding. To acquire more product reviews on Shopify, you’ll need to use a lot of visual signals.

Showcase your review ratings

Even the tiniest accomplishments elicit a desire to brag a little. Nothing is going to stop you from bragging about your 5-star reviews.

The best place to put Shopify product reviews is on the product page itself, so they are hyper-relevant to that page.

Humans are incredibly susceptible to influence. When a customer sees that a friend has written a review and displayed it, they will be enticed to make their review and have it displayed on the product page.

Final thoughts

Product reviews give social proof, demonstrating that others like your products to potential buyers. They’re tempted to join the group when they observe this since they don’t want to miss out.

As a result, you’ll need to gather several Shopify client reviews. They will be interested in what you have to give. When you display reviews next to each item in your product line, this becomes much clearer.

This is why it’s critical to pick the correct theme for your product pages, one that allows you to show product reviews and ratings prominently.

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