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When Is the Best Time to Send Review Request Messages for Shopify Products?

The best time to send review request messages for Shopify products. 

Did you know that most customers who have had a positive shopping experience with a company do not publicly express their gratitude? They are known as silent advocates because they have positive feelings about a company and its products but do not spread the word or write reviews about their experiences.

Customers who have a negative experience are much more likely to go out and leave a public review, which is unfortunate for businesses. This can be a major issue for businesses, but it’s a simple one to solve: start asking your customers for reviews to motivate them. When asked, 80 percent of shoppers are willing to leave a review.

In conclusion, you must request a review. That’s fantastic. But when exactly? Before I tell you that, let’s go over when you should and should not ask for a review if you own an ecommerce store.

The time you shouldn’t request a review

The majority of brands do one of the following:

  • Two seconds after a customer purchases a product; they are asked to review it on the product page.
  • The moment it is delivered, it sends a review request via email/sms/whatsapp The above two options are not incorrect at the risk of contradicting myself.

You can still request a review after making your purchase, but consider this: Would you want to give the product five stars before you’ve tried it out?

The time you should request a review

I’d love to have a direct answer about when to ask customers for reviews, but it varies by business. It is NOT right after they buy a product or when it is delivered to their door. If you want to maximize your “review conversion rate,” you must find the best delay.

And there’s a simple formula for doing so. So, all you have to do is answer this question: How long does it take your customers to realize the true value of your product?

Increase Review Collection Conversion

star rating collection on Shopify

Timing and the review journey are the two most important factors to consider when approaching your customers with review invitations; both have a significant impact on conversion rate.

Consider the subject of timing. Many businesses make the mistake of inviting customers to leave reviews too soon. Customers are much more likely to leave reviews once they feel they have an informed position from which to publish their opinions about a product or service.

The best invitation method and timing differ from company to company. In some cases, it’s best to request a review immediately after the purchase, either through a form on the order confirmation page or through an in-store review collection terminal if the purchase is made in a physical store. Alternatively, review invitations can be sent via SMS/email/WhatsApp messages 7 days or 30 days after purchase, depending on the type of review (merchant vs product) and you can use invitation templates.

What is the best time to solicit feedback from your customers?

When it comes to soliciting product reviews, timing is everything. It is essential for success.

However, timing will differ from one business to the next.

If you provide an immediate product or service, you can ask customers shortly after their purchase. They are still thinking about your products. This is ideal if you sell digital products or provide local services.

However, if you’re selling physical goods, you’ll have to wait longer before asking for reviews. The products must be shipped, and your customers must have sufficient time to test them.

Everything that comes before and after can reduce the number of reviews you receive.

Depending on your logistic partner, you may be unable to send review request messages based on the delivery status. In this case, we recommend 14 days after fulfilment.

These data points can assist you in making an informed decision. However, it would help if you also considered the context of your product.

“Does it make sense to send this review request message at THAT time?” you should ask yourself.

Selling fitness supplements, for example, may necessitate a longer wait time than selling phone accessories. Why? It takes a few weeks for a customer to determine whether or not the supplement was effective (or not).

As a result, reviewbit includes a dedicated timing option.

You can time your message according to:

  • Fulfilment.
  • Purchase. 
  • Delivery.

You have complete control over Reviewbit. The software checks the Shopify order status to trigger your review request message.

It’s time to get that positive feedback from your favorite customer

There you have it, a simple and easy-to-follow guide on how to request a review for your ecommerce store.

Of course, there are other, more manual methods of soliciting a review. Still, based on my experience and interactions with our customers, the above method has the highest “ask-to-convert” percentage.

Reviewbit is a free service that allows you to send smarter product review requests.

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