NPS for ecommerce stores

How Can Customer Reviews Improve the NPS of Your E-commerce Store? 

Customer satisfaction and happiness determine the success of any business. It is of vital importance that businesses constantly track their customer satisfaction levels and make sure that their customers are happy with them. One easy method to track customer satisfaction levels is through NPS surveys. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric that measures the likelihood of customers recommending a company’s products or services to others. The score is based on responses to a single question: “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend [business] to a friend or colleague?”  

The responses are categorized as: 

• Promoters (9-10)- The fully satisfied customers who will recommend your brand to others. 

• Passives (7-8)- The happy ones who may easily choose another brand over yours. These people wouldn’t bother recommending your brand to others.  

• Detractors (0-6)- The unhappy ones who can spread negative reviews about your brand. 

Customer reviews can be a source of NPS data, as the question is often included in customer feedback surveys or posted on review sites. At the same time, customer reviews can also help you optimize the net promoter score of your e-commerce brand! 

How can customer reviews help improve your NPS for e-commerce brands? 

NPS for ecommerce stores

NPS can play a huge role in helping your business grow. Tracking your net promoter score is an ongoing process where you listen to your customers, analyze their feedback, improve your products/services, and grow.   

Sending product review requests to customers post-purchase can help you enhance customer satisfaction and convert the ‘Passives’ into ‘Promoters’. With the right handling of customer concerns, you can even turn your ‘Detractors’ into your ‘Promoters’. 

Let’s see how review requests can help you achieve a higher NPS for your e-commerce brand

Review requests show that you care: 

Sending review requests to customers gives out the message that you care about your customers. It helps in building a connection with your buyers. Customers who develop strong bonds with brands become their loyal promoters. 

Provide incentives for reviews: 

Happy customers who sent positive feedback can be instantly rewarded with discount coupons or gift vouchers. Providing incentives will not only make your customers happy but also encourage repeat purchases. 

Increase loyalty: 

By showing that you care about your customers and by giving incentives, your company can create a positive impression on the buyers. Whenever they need your product, your brand name will be the first thing that pops up in their mind. Customer review requests can, in this manner, improve your customer lifetime value.  

 Improve credibility: 

Customer reviews show that many people have already used and loved your products. By displaying them you can improve the credibility of your brand which will in turn result in a higher NPS. 

Identify the customer pain points: 

By sending customer reviews, you are opening up a channel for the customers to reach out to you directly. Through their feedback, they can now express their concerns. Detailed text reviews submitted by customers help you identify their pain points easily.  

Provide instant solutions to customer concerns

Those who provide negative reviews can be instantly directed toward customer support. You can reduce the response time, provide immediate resolution for your customer’s concerns and win them over. 

Help improve your products: 

Valuable insights that your gain from customer reviews can be used to mold/improve your products and services according to customer preferences. 

Create a better shopping experience: 

NPS for ecommerce stores

The customer reviews collected can be displayed as social proof of your product quality. This will help the new customers shop with confidence. Photo and video reviews will help the customers see the products in real life and help them make informed purchase decisions. The overall enhanced shopping experience will definitely have an impact on your NPS. 

That said, all these are possible only if you choose the right review application for collecting customer reviews. Not all review applications will be capable of delivering all these. For example, if you are sending review requests through email, you won’t be able to provide instant customer support. Or, if you are collecting reviews through a phone call, you will have to find other means to send incentives to your customers. 

Shopify review application, Reviewbit, can help you overcome all these hassles. By sending review requests through the most popular messaging application, WhatsApp, Reviewbit ensures that your requests reach the maximum number of customers. Using Reviewbit, you can automate the entire process of collecting and displaying customer reviews of your store. This amazing review app enables you to send incentives in the form of discount coupons to your happy customers. The unhappy ones can be instantly connected to the customer support team through Reviewbit. Add this tool to your store today, to enhance your customer experience and boost your net promoter score. 

Final thoughts 

Net promoter score helps you identify who your promoters and detractors are. This information can help you in making important decisions for growth. Sending product review requests is a cost-efficient way to engage your customers post-purchase and enhance their overall experience. Use customer reviews to optimize the NPS for your e-commerce brand and turn more customers into your promoters. Also, customer reviews displayed on your store front act as free-of-cost promotions for your brand. Choose the best review tool and start your review collection process today! 

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