Collect photo and video reviews using Reviewbit

You can easily collect photo and video reviews since it is through WhatsApp. Because we all are always kept updated on WhatsApp, it is very easy to spontaneously share a photo or a video using the phone camera itself.

So, there is no requirement of finding extra time to open a message like an email and prepare content to reply. It’s completely an informal task and thus your customer can even reply during their relaxation time. So, there is not much complexity in the collection of photo and video reviews.

Steps required to collect photo and video reviews:

  • Go to the “WhatsApp settings” page
  • There you can find a 7th option titled “Product Photo/Video Message“.
  • This is a sessional message that will be sent as a following message to the review message.
  • The given template can be customized by clicking the “edit message” button given on the right side.
  • If you want to include a discount coupon code, then give a tick mark for the same.
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

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