The easiest way for the users to submit reviews

Reviewbit is a one-of-a-kind product review tool that lets small and large businesses collect client feedback via WhatsApp. Without risking your brand, Reviewbit allows you to maximize social evidence and client trust.

With a high response rate and 100% open rate, WhatsApp can help you collect evaluations from all of your consumers. You may convert all of your orders into reviews because to WhatsApp’s high open rate.

Since the review collection is through WhatsApp, it is easy for the customers to submit their reviews. We know that in each hour we will always check our WhatsApp inbox. So, obviously the open rate is higher than email

Easiest way to submit review

Offer Customer service is available right away: Reviewbit allows you to respond to unfavorable reviews (ratings below 3) instantly via WhatsApp. As well as resolving the problem.

Requests for WhatsApp reviews are accessible in 11 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Indonesian Bahasa, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and Turkish.

It integrates with Shopify review apps such as Shopify Product Reviews, Yotpo, Stamped,, Loox, Growave, and others.

Effortless to Use: Set up a simple interface in one click and start sending WhatsApp review requests.

Photo, as well as video reviews, can be easily uploaded since it is through the WhatsApp platform. There no boring form and hassle.

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