A checklist to get started with Reviewbit

Here are the first 6 things you should need to do once you’ve installed Reviewbit. Follow the steps and then you are able to easily set up sending options of review request.

Step-1: Enable review request

  • Go to “WhatsApp settings” page
  • There you can find first option titled “WhatsApp Review Request
  • Then you can see one green button “Enable” click on that.
  • Now your WhatsApp review request is enabled.
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify
  • Then you have to approve the subscription.
  • Click “Approve subscription”
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

Here there will be a pay for each successful send messages. Please find below the costs of WhatsApp messages, and can vary according to the countries.

Learn more here

Step-2: Schedule Review Request

  • Go to the second option titled “Schedule message timing
  • Here you can Schedule the days of review request when it to be sent, like “after the fulfillment” or “after purchase” or “after delivery”.
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

Step-3: Edit your Store Name

  • Go to 3rd option titled “Store details
  • Here you can easily edit your store name by clicking “Edit” button.
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

Step-4: Choose your Message Language

  • Go to 4th option titled “WhatsApp Chat Language
  • Here you are able to choose 11 different languages according to your store requirement.
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

Step-5: Customise your chat convo

Follow these steps to customize chat convo please visit here

Step-6: Schedule Review Request to past orders

  • Go to “Dashboard
  • There you can find the option for “Send review request to past orders“.
WhatsApp review requests on Shopify

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